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imagesCAPMRJ7BREPTS (Registered Exercise Professionals & Therapists) is a Health & Wellness business that specializes in the delivery of affordable, flexible, and results oriented personal training services in a comfortable environment.

REPTS was born out of two conclusions:

  1. Personal training cannot be truly personal, private, or effective when delivered via conventional big box gyms due to a general lack of privacy.
  2. Personal training was desired by most gym goers but too expensive to undertake for the average period of time (3 months) needed to yield lasting results.


At REPTS, all clients work with a trainer in a comfortable results oriented environment, where the integrity of private training can be maintained. Clients train at their convenience; they receive greater personalization, individual attention and guidance; and, ultimately, they receive the results they desire and at a cost they can afford. As such, REPTS is for anyone looking for an effective way forward, and weight management, toning, and conditioning are just some of the goals our personal training packages can achieve.

Choose a package based on exclusivity or training frequency. You can also upgrade your package to include supplemental training and/or services such as Program Design, Body Analysis, Nutrition Counseling, Detox Program and Massage Therapy.

Benefits & Features of Training at REPTS

  • Convenient locations and appointment based training
  • No overcrowding or waiting for equipment
  • Budget conscious personal training rates
  • Flexible training and payment policies
  • Results oriented training
  • FREE nutrition counseling
  • FREE meal plans
  • Remote training opportunities via Skype
  • One Stop Fitness Shopping

So call or visit anytime for a FREE consultation or trial session. We will be more than happy to serve you.

Proud Owner,

Rodriguez “Rodja” Constantine
Fitness Consultant / Personal Trainer











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