Our Trainers


Rodriguez “Rodja” Constantine

Owner/Lead Trainer

St. Lucian born, Rodriguez Constantine, better known as “Rodja,” is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, Body Weight Specialist and Entrepreneur. No wonder Rodja is also the owner of St. Lucia’s newest and most forward thinking fitness establishment. REPTS as its called is a multifaceted acronym which stands for both “Registered Exercise Professionals and Therapists”  at “Rodja Eilite Personal Training Studio”

Rodja’s fitness lifestyle began in earnest from age nine when he was first introduced to the game of football (soccer) in Barbados, where he lived since he was a year old, and he has been training ever since – to this day at age 42 –  to improve his own performance at the sport.

Rodja moved to the U.S. in 1985, where personal training later became a natural extension of his passion for soccer in particular and fitness in general, and where it was initially used as a viable means of paying his way through college. Now, satisfying the specific fitness needs of the client is Rodja’s primary motivation.

Rodja returned to St. Lucia in 2008 and quickly worked his way to the top of the fitness-career ladder, first working his way up from “personal trainer” to General Manager of local fitness centers, and finally serving as the Health & Wellbeing Leader for a local award winning spa resort, The Bodyholiday, Lesport some 18 months later, all while co-hosting the fitness segment (ProLife) of a local television fitness program and free lancing as an independent personal trainer. With ownership being the next logical step, Rodja started REPTS, an evolving culmination of Rodja’s earlier fitness efforts and experiences.  That is, REPTS was established to provide a source of inexpensive, comprehensive, and effective personal training solutions and fitness related services not readily available through existing local gyms but that members and aspiring members have been demanding for so long:

  • Affordable personal training
  • Structured personalized workouts and fitness plans
  • Nutrition Counseling and Planning
  • Body Composition Analysis
  • Fitness Tracking and Reporting
  • Fitness Lifestyle Coaching
  • Sport-specific Conditioning
  • Corporate Fitness
  • Healthy Food
  • Massage Therapy
  • And more

Rodja is a Certified Personal Trainer and “Body Weight Specialist.” As a former semi-profesional athlete, Rodja knows the importance of being in shape physically and mentally. Through REPTS, Rodja works with people to provide in-depth assessment, professional coaching and education, and goal setting in conjunction with both one-on-one and group sessions to assist clients in realizing their goals. Although Rodja’s training qualifies him to assist clients with improving their general health and wellness, he also specializes in weight management, nutrition counseling, core and stability training, fall prevention, and conditioning.

REPTS’s collaboration with the DBS and The Voice in delivering Fit4Life enables Rodja to expand his reach in hopes of helping even more people to incorporate some degree of fitness into their lifestyles in less time, with less equipment and for less money compared to the normal demands of basic gym membership. Chronic non-communicable diseases like diabetes, and strokes are the leading causes of death in St. Lucia.  Rodja’s mission is to help others in general and St. Lucians in particular to develop optimal physical and mental health, achieve their fitness goals, remain active throughout their life spans, and to ultimately enjoy success and after success.

In doing so, Rodja has earned a loyal client base at REPTS since its inception.  Clients range in age from 16 to 77. Their common theme is they all desire to continue doing what they love. Whether it’s soccer, basketball, running, cricket, golfing or even gardening. He loves getting them back in their game. The key to eliminating pain, preventing injury, and performing at your best is finding the right balance of exercise and sharing his knowledge of food and fitness enables clients to get fit, look great, and live better!!!